Know Different Uses of Dremel Bit

Dremel tools are a kind of rotary tool. They fit perfectly and have spinning blade called as a Dremel bit at its end. Very much like, die grinder & angle grinder, even Dremel tool is quite a versatile tool that can be used for cutting metal and other objects. Sheer amount of tasks that it will do is quite staggering. But, to take benefit of its use, you need to find a right accessory for the Dremel tool, that you can find here.

How to Use Dremel Bit for Cutting Metal?

  • The cut off wheels are used for cutting ½” screws, nails, bolts, nuts & other metal objects of the same thickness
  • Cut off wheels are also used for cutting down straight lines in the sheet metal
  • Steel cutter bits can be used on the soft metal and are quite versatile in its uses
  • Diamond cutter bits can be used for cutting down hard metals like engraving & carving

How to Change Accessories on Dremel Tool?

It is quite simple to change accessories on your Dremel Tool.

  • Ensure that unit isn’t switched on and has stopped rotating.
  • Press its spindle lock (blue button); it locks your spindle from rotating.
  • Take your accessory in the end and keep its button pressed & tighten accessory towards yourself.
  • Release this button. Ensure it rotates freely.

Spindle lock unscrews & you may use the threaded connector at an end for attaching various accessories like Dremel Attachment, Dremel Flex Shaft, and Dremel Multi Chuck.

Final Words

Selecting the best dremel tool for cutting wheel may depend upon type of material that you are cutting and application. These cutting wheels generally come in various sizes, shapes, lengths, and hardnesses for metal cutting over different surfaces.

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