Assure The Security Measures While You Gain Ig Followers

Are you really going to read this or check your Instagram to see how many likes you got on your new post simultaneously? Ah, I don’t mind we are all guilty of doing that because we are bombarded by forms of social media from the moment we wake up in the morning until the sun sets and we go off to bed. Following the herd-like mindless sheep, we upload our pictures from our getaways, like posts that we sympathize with, try to ig followers, share random files, and desperately carve a niche to get social validation from the cyber world.


The stage of likes

But this ‘LIKE GAME’ has now become a business for some people and a desperate need for some. Several kinds of businesses have been started which increases the number of likes on one’s picture. Not only this, fake accounts have been created in large numbers to make the business flow smoothly. Today people have gone mad to get the maximum likes over their photos and videos they post and this is resulting in successful running of a new business. Now to get Instagram powerlikes of over 1,00,000 is quite an easy task for these businessmen as they have been succeeded in getting a number of accounts (either fake or hacked) in their hands through which they increase it for a person.


What are the security terms associated with Instagram?

As much as we all love those alerts of a red-colored heart sign indicating that one of our friends, colleagues or random follower has liked our post, there is a trade-off we face. The trade-off is our sensitive data. As internet users, we provide huge chunks of free data for these billion-dollar giants, ethical hackers, and evil hackers, psychopaths, to use for free for their research, monetary gains, or cybercrime. Later, Instagram claimed they fixed the bug and informed the affected users.

It has become a daily routine for these social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to be targeted by bugs, technical glitches which give up user’s login details and other forms of data. Instead of expanding more on their platforms, I suppose it would be wise to hire a team of cybersecurity experts so they don’t get attacked frequently.

It’s better if you let a getaway be a getaway. Alas, I know we all bow down to the mighty social media platforms and so will our generations, because as humans we all seek validation and to be liked, even if it’s just via the Like button made by a developer back in the 2000s.

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